Introducing Our New Exotic Ingredients - Prickly Pear, Papyrus, Tuberose, Kyuri

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Posted on September 07 2017

We got our hands on a several exotic ingredients that are great for the skin on the face and eyes.

These are ingredients that are active plant cells with special characteristics and contain all the richness of the vegetal species from where they originate. The biotechnology that is used to extract respects the environment and biodiversity of the plant ecosystem.  The plant cell culture enables to develop active plant cells from rare and precious plants, legendary or unknown, or difficult to cultivate.

The composition of active plant cells from different vegetal species contains only natural elements, that means molecules that only the species can synthesize. These active plant cells contain no molecules from pesticide or fertilizer nor do they contain preservatives. 

Let's get to it without further ado!

1. Prickly Pear Leaf Extract - or Nopal from Mexico where the plant is featured on their flag. Traditionally used in food and medicine since the 16th century,  it is incorporated in our creams for a variety of reasons. Prickly Pear benefits include cell protection, it works as an anti-oxidant, as a reductant of free radicals, helps get an even tone, to reduce wrinkles and increase skin defense system.

2. Papyrus Leaf - used in ancient Egypt to make paper as a writing medium. Papyrus has its roots submerged in water and was considered a symbol of life at that time. The leaf extract when combined with active delivery mechanisms, helps in rebuilding the moisturizing film on the skin, maintaining the elasticity of the skin, limiting dryness and maximizes hydration. It helps to maintain the skin's NMF and provides better protection against harsh elements from outside such as UV, pollution etc

3. Tuberose - a white heliotrope flower that originated in Mexico and introduced to Europe in the 16th century.  Now cultivated in India, North Africa, and China, tuberose is mainly used in perfumery.  It has a heady, sweet fragrance that intensifies during dusk as the sun sets.

Tuberose extract along with betaine obtained from beet sugar is used in our eye serum to provide comprehensive action on the three major changes that occur in the area around the eyes: dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. An agglomeration of active molecules with a plant species combined with an active plant molecule helps to achieve the effects to combat all three trouble areas under the eyes!

4. Kyuri - Cucumis is native to Asia and grows wild in the Himalayas.  It is known commonly as the cucumber and the plant has been extensively researched and undergone laboratory analysis over the years. We have obtained the extract from cucumber variety grown in Japan called Kyuri that maximizes the concentration of its phytoactive substances. Cucumber is widely used in traditional Indian medicine, especially Ayurveda, for a variety of skin conditions, including puffiness under the eyes and sunburn. The fruit feels refreshingly cool and helps to heal, soothe and soften the skin. It also provides relief for itchy, irritated skin. Kauri has a rich source of phytoactives with excellent soothing and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin with great photoreactivation results, which means a faster recovery and a significant reduction in damage to irritated skin. Kyuri delivers a powerful soothing effect for a noticeably improved complexion and sunburn relief.

The new products containing these ingredients are available on the site.

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