About Us

Who are we?

Gaia's Lab is founded by skincare professionals who have experience on ingredient research and the formulation of skincare products.  Our founders have been formulating skincare products for men and women for several years.

Why are we doing this?

Our elevator pitch: Gaia's Lab intends to tap into the cutting edge science of plant and tree-based functional nutrients and find ways to use them in skincare using science.

The real deal:  The ingredients of skincare products have remained unchanged for several decades now. Some of the formulation techniques have remained the same since the 1950s or after the second World War.  Mainstream products still contain a mixture of petrolatum, mineral oil, silicones, emulsifiers, thickeners, rheology modifiers, fragrances, and preservatives. In short, the ingredient listing is very repetitive.  There is not much differentiation between product A to product B except the packaging.

However in recent years skincare science has grown by leaps and bounds.  Scientists have done extensive research into active ingredients found in nature among the flora, trees, plants, stems, roots, seabeds etc driving the question, how do natural elements like trees and other plants protect themselves against the adverse effects of weather, pollution, and other harmful conditions? 

Cosmetic formulations have been based on botanical ingredients since ancient times, and botanical and natural extracts maintain a major role in contemporary cosmetics. Scientific research continues to corroborate traditional uses of many plants for skin benefits, and to elucidate biochemical mechanisms of action for a growing number of phytochemicals.

Examples of this natural resiliency exist in a lot of everyday fruits and vegetables. For instance, avocados never ripen on the trees. The farmer leaves it on the tree as the tree sustains the avocado and keeps it raw and green. Tha parent tree keeps the fruit intact and increases its life time thanks to constant protection and nutrition to the fruit.

Once they are picked, avocados react with ethylene oxide to start the ripening process. This would imply that the tree is providing sufficient nutrition to the avocado to stay raw and green. Scientists have tapped into these natural processes and have adapted them for skincare through extracting the actives and making them available for application and formulation. Gaia's Lab intends to take advantage of these active ingredient properties through cutting edge natural formulations. 

What do we do? 

Our products are small batch and artisan-made. We put a lot of thought into which botanicals and how much of each botanical would best suit certain skin conditions. We follow our vendor's guidelines for ingredient concentration in order to provide maximum efficacy that is in line with the testing conducted by the vendor's lab.  We insist on SDS, CoA, in-vivo/in-vitro test results, and clinical studies for all our ingredients.

Our goal is to use natural and minimum ingredients without any filler ingredients.  Ingredients are not included for label appeal or marketing promotion purposes.  Ingredients are added for a reason and our product pages explains why they are there in the product.