Meet our Ingredients: Peat

What is Peat?

No, not Pete. P E A T!

Peat comes from swamplands and is generally a soil-like substance. It is an accumulation of organic matter, specifically: 

  • Humic acids
  • Humin
  • Fulvic Acids

Okaaay, and? 

While this sounds like a ton of biochemical mumbo jumbo, peat is commonly used in balneotherapy, AKA the use of bath to treat diseases. Many spas in Poland, Hungary, and Germany have the tradition of using peat muds to treat ailments. 

Peat in yo Skincare

These humic substances in peat have been pretty critical to derma-cosmetics. They function as astringents in skincare and aid in cleansing, tightening, and preventing acne in oily skin. 

We actively use peat in our skincare formulations to capitalize on these properties to make your skin less inflamed & less red! 

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