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Posted on March 30 2017

At Gaia's Lab, we formulate skin and hair care products using high quality ingredients. We look for ingredients that are sustainably sourced, fair-trade certified, and organic wherever practicable.

Our products represent what we would use on our own skin.  We have researched advancements science has made in skincare, sun protection, anti-aging, -wrinkle, -inflammatory, etc and incorporated those findings in our products.

We are particularly focused on investigating the skin's barrier function and inflammatory phenomena. We work with vendors who have obtained expertise in plant technologies and molecular distillation, an environmentally-friendly process for separating and concentrating the elements of oil.

And so, by applying our research into skin physiology and careful ingredient selection, Gaia's Lab has developed and produced an extended range of cosmeceuticals and skin care products products that are safe, effective and non-toxic.

Key ingredients are identified and listed in NCI nomenclature. Our ingredient listings are all on our website and on the product packaging. We hope you love Gaia's Lab's line of products. Welcome! 

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