Emulsifier free products

Traditional products use chemical emulsifiers to allow water and oil to hold together to form an "emulsion". These emulsifiers change the properties of both the oil and the water to allow them to coexist.

However, every emulsion is unstable if allowed to sit long enough. Since emulsifiers change the properties of the oils in the product, they will also change the properties of the natural oils that make up the skin's lipid barrier when applied topically. Ultimately, they can cause the skin to become more porous.

This lets more water out of the skin making it dry. This also lets other materials in the cream or lotion (or from the environment) to get into the skin, which can cause irritation and allergic responses. These effects can compromise the normal metabolism of the skin and cause it to become "unbalanced". Left unchecked this condition can lead to many of the signs of aging.

Emulsifiers also generate a "wash-out" effect in that the emulsifiers that are left on the skin tend to emulsify the skin's natural oils when the skin gets in contact with water. The emulsifiers would continue to emulsify on the skin using the skin's oils and external water content. The skin lipids would get washed away by the emulsifiers.

Due to the wash-out effect, creams or lotions with emulsifiers are not effective for people with barrier disorder skin problems such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Our emulsifier free formulation

We are working with a lab to come up with a new process that utilizes physical interactions, not chemicals, to combine oil and water to create a solution.  It eliminates the need for traditional chemical emulsifiers. The oil droplets are made smaller by this patented process. The small droplets repel one another like two negative ends of a magnet. The droplets do not want to come together and form larger drops which eventually will rise to the top like a salad dressing. Droplets from different oils have different properties and can be mixed to create virtually unlimited aesthetic experiences.

The formulations contain ingredients that are biomimetic to the skin's structure of lipids, cholesterol, ceramides and phospholipids.

This process is done with air and at room temperature to preserve the integrity of the oils, the active materials that are added, and the environment. 

Some of the benefits of this new process are:

  • Improved safety
  • Better therapeutic efficacy
  • Regulatory compliance worldwide
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lower preservative levels because the process is self-sanitizing
  • Elegant products with relatively few ingredients

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